Karsten Lemm

Climate Action’s Secret Weapon: Smart Farming

Healthy soil can store lots of carbon dioxide

What’s the best way to cool the planet down? That’s probably the most urgent question we face, as it’s becoming clear how quickly global temperatures are rising.

The surprising answer: Our best chance to make a difference, quickly, is probably to reinvent farming and food production. Regenerative agriculture, as it’s often called, aims to keep greenhouse gases in the ground by nurturing the soil – which has always been nature’s place to store CO2 out of the atmosphere.

In addition, there are new ways to produce food: meat and dairy alternatives could make an enormous difference because they give us what we want without having to breed billions of cows. Vertical farming promises fresh fruit and vegetables with minimal land and water usage. (Details in my recent article.)

There were a number of fascinating talks about all of these aspects at the DLD23 conference in Munich. My recap article sums up the most important aspects and includes videos of all talks.

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