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Karsten Lemm, reporter, photographer, writer, journalist

Karsten Lemm

I’m a writer and photographer in Berlin with a focus on business, technology and innovation. For DLD Media, organizer of the popular DLD conferences, I edit the DLD News website. Previously I was a Senior Editor with WIRED Germany and worked for 16 years as a correspondent in San Francisco, California. Please feel free to get in touch via LinkedIn or send me a message right here.


Panel Moderations

Over the years, I’ve done a wide variety of interviews and panel moderations at different events. Here’s a small selection of videos. (Please note that by loading the video when you click on the image, you agree to the Privacy Policy of YouTube.)

Trivago - TOA
video of Trivago CEO Rolf Schrömgens speaking with Karsten Lemm at TOA conference
Trivago co-founder Rolf Schrömgens explains why managers at his company have to win over developers for their projects. (TOA 2016)
DLD Smart World Panel
Video: IoT panel discussion, DLD Summer 2015
Smart World
DLD Summer panel discussion about smart devices and the Internet of Things
WIRED Germany mobility conference
video: Hyperloop Transportation founder speakes with WIRED Germany about his vision of a rocket train
Rethinking Transportation
Fireside chat with Hyperloop Transportation founder Dirk Ahlborn at the WIRED Germany Mobility conference
DLD Sync Carl Benedikt Frey
video: DLD Sync with Carl Benedikt Frey, Oxford University, about the future of work after the corona pandemic
Future of Work
DLD Sync webinar with University of Oxford researcher Carl Benedikt Frey


My images have been published in numerous publications around the globe. Some of them are licensed through dpa Picture Alliance, others you’ll find only here, on my Pictures pages.

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